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Blit Fluzer plugin is free, in the sense that its price is currently zero. All other restrictions of commercial and copyrighted software apply.

currently Windows VST, Mac later.
64-bit and 32-bit versions included

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1) What is it? - 2) Features - 3) Menus and Skin -4) Known issues

The plugin

Bit Fluzer is an audio effect similar to standard "bit crushers", but featuring two channels with input filters and audio bit reductions modulated by two LFOs. Using the Bit Fluzer plugin you can alter the bit depth of the audio signal from your instruments or audio tracks in your DAW in various ways. The two bit depth controls range from one to 20 bits in continuous fashion, moreover the bit depth can be made to rhythmically oscillate with the LFOs. That way you can obtain a range of mono or stereo modulating effects: from subtle "sound warming", due to the soft noise introduced by a little bit depth reduction, to more aggressive distortions and groovy patterns. The two channels can work independently on different sections of the audio spectrum, since one channel features a lowpass filter and the other a highpass filter.

We release this freeware effect plugin also to advocate the main motives of, that is to rise awareness about the possible "progressive loss of rights" of users to fix and maintain their own electronic devices. We think this is especially relevant for musicians who are used to customising and fixing their instruments, either acoustic or electronic." Therefore, beside the economical and environmental concerns, the products policy of some hardware firms could damage the creative habits of artists using electronic devices. You may see the website for more info.

Disclaimer: NUSofting has no benefit from, or association with, or individuals involved in that "United States based" organization.


Channel 1 features a Lowpass filter. Channel 2 features a Highpass filter.

Both channels take the input as mono : left + right .

Channel 1:
left + right >>>input gain >>> lowpass >>> bith depth >>> output gain >>> pan

Channel 2:
left + right >>>input gain >>> highpass >>> bith depth >>> output gain >>> pan

You can create a new stereo image on the output using the pan controls.

### The LFOs when "free running" the rate range is 0.01 to 26.00 Hertz,
when in "sync" the rate range is 1 bar to 1/32 (assuming a 4/4 time signature),
and it will modulate the bit reductions relatively to the value of the bit depth controls.

### The level of the input can be adjusted between -12 and +12 dB.

### The dry/wet slider allows to mix the stereo input with the effected signals.

All parameters can be automated inside a DAW.

Menus and skins

Notes for the presets management.

There are two main groups of presets, the "Factory" ones and the "User" ones.

The GUI functions allows you to load any preset, but to save and overwrite
only the "User" ones.

The presets are saved individually in human readable files with .yaml extension.

To explore the "User" folder, when you need to add or delete User presets files, you must use the relative item in the Options menu. Open that by clicking on the |?| at the top left of the GUI and choose "explore users presets".

Had you done that, the Explorer (on Windows), or the Finder (on Mac), will open the "User" presets folder. There you can add or delete the YAML preset files.
The presets you add there will be showed in the plugin presets menu on the ToolBar, after you have selected "User Presets" in the banks menu, on the left.

Note that you can also rename a preset by opening its YAML files in any text editor.
For consistency you may also like to rename the YAML file with the same new name.

You are allowed to arrange the "User" presets in subfolders, the subfolders name
will be shown in the banks menu. Currently there's no visible distinction between
Factory banks and User banks in the menu, so we suggest that you name your subfolders like "User - [the name you chose here]".

Appearance Guide: How to make your own colour schemes for the plugin.

The colour schemes are saved in YAML files as well, you can find them in the "Appearance" folder. You can easly create new ones as yout wish and add them there.

How do I open and use the «User Preset»?

When you install the plugin for the first time the «User Preset» folder is empty, the presets are all in the «Factory» folder.

Your custom presets will be saved in the «User Preset» folder. Then you can open that folder using the plugin Toolbar.

You can browse the «User Preset> folder doing this: click [?] on the plugin panel and from the menu choose "explore user preset". (You may also copy third party presets there)

How do I sync the LFO to BPM?

The LFOs in Bit Fluzer can be synced to the DAW sequencer, cycle length from 1 bar down to 1/32. When they are "free running" you can set the Hertz setting of the LFO so that its rate matches the BPM, using this formula Hertz = 1 * BPM / 60 [sync to 1/4] Hertz = 2 * BPM / 60 [sync to 1/8] Hertz = 4 * BPM / 60 [sync to 1/16] and so on, or search for a converter on the Web.

Remember that you can always resample (render to audio) your Bit Fluzer track and then sync the audio snippets as you wish: that's a commonly used technique in EDM.

How do I avoid the clipping of edges in the plugin GUI in Ableton Live on Mac?

Currently you have to close and reopen the plugin window. The issue should not happen with Live on Windows, We will fix this compatibility issue of the GUI with the next releases.

Credits and Acknowledgements.

Project and DSP code by Luigi Felici.
GUI code by Luigi Felici and Bernie Maier, with Branislav contributions.
OS X port and framework code by Bernie Maier.

Known issues

The LFO rate value display is currently updated ONLY when the knob is moved.

Bit Fluzer was tested so far on OS X 10.11, Windows XP to Windows 10.
Please report any other issue you may find.

Write to or in NUSofting forum at


Blit Fluzer plugin is free, in the sense that its price is currently zero. All other restrictions of commercial and copyrighted software apply.

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