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Welcome to the audio examples page of Modelonia synth!

All the mp3 files on this page were produced using only the Modelonia sounds: leads, basses, pads, keys, plucks, voices, everything.

Some drums samples (kick, snare, hihat) were used in the longer tracks.
There are also drums sounds synthesized using Modelonia, where indicated in the comments.

Moreover few effects where used, mostly equalizer, limiter and some delay FX. Chorus, flanger, distortion and reverb effects you hear in the examples come from Modelonia itself. Extra reverb was used in the full songs only.

Modelonia is capable of many more sounds than showed in these tracks, you can check them downloading the free Demo version of the plugin, which includes more than 380 presets.

if the mp3 does not stream from your browser please right-click the link and download the mp3
(check also the links on the right for songs made by Modelonia users, using only this synth)
length 0:38 orchestral example, one preset onlyUsers Songs: 100% Modelonia:
used for any sound, even drums.
length 0:28 orchestral example, one preset only

Plexuss : drone-modelonia

Kymeia: Flutescrape

length 0:51 example of an oboe patch, plus drone, played with various expressions

TORLEY : Plofkraak

TORLEY : Imaginary Instruments

length 1:52 short song: "Saudade", version 2Fragile Ways : Journey With Modelonia
length 1:32 same song as above, version 1, simpler, different mastermore to come..
length 2:01 something scary, voices synthesized with Modelonia and some arpeggios 
length 1:43 soft sounds and "movie soundtrack" examples 
length 1:00 percussions example, various presets, accordion and bassline from Modelonia too 
length 0:39 chords made with Modelonia flutes 
length 1:23 short demo of sound morphing plus sampled percussions 

length 1:41 Handel concerto

I rendered this Handel concerto using only two instances of Modelonia, one for the oboe and one for the full five parts strings orchestra.
Even though it doesn't sound like a strings orchestra, but rather a mix of horns and accordions, I think it's nice on its own for the harmonic richness and the organic texture.

Note that I didn't edit the the MIDI parts that came with the source file, so for instance the oboe has always the same attack phase. Therefore the the rendering of the Handel piece is less expressive than it could be with some editing.

Source: concerto_oboe_1-2_(wittenburg).mid from

length 3:54 funky ethnic song, turn up the volume!
length 1:33 shorter but more pumped funky example from the same bassline used in the song above
length 3:50 EDM fast ethnic song, turn up the volume!
length 5:07 ambientish full track with slow drums, long drone intro made with processed Modelonia sounds
length 2:47 "Happy Sambina" a simple song
length 1:32 simple loops demo, slow tempo, with various sounds example

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