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Sinnah will lay you on a velvet bed and then will scratch you with sharp sexy nails!

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02/09/2017 Sinnah 1.1 released, please upgrade now

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What's new in Sinnah 1.1?

- New feature: GUI has been vastly improved, especially for Mac compatibility.
- New feature: Noise and Harmonics controls can be linked, and act like a single parameter.
- New feature: LFO with several selectable targets, 9 waveshapes and delay (fade in).
- New feature: MIDI controls: ModWheel and Aftertouch with several selectable targets.
- New feature: Sustain pedal sensitivity.
- New feature: Pitchbend range adjustable up to 48 semitones, -24 to +24.
- New feature: Keytracking assignable to Harmonics and ADSR envelope level.
- New feature: Reduced CPU load, DSP optimization.
- New feature: "Inits" category with various initialize presets.
- New feature: Unlimited custom colour schemes using theme files.
- New feature: More detailed HTML manual.
- New feature: Reached 152 factory presets.
- New feature: Bug report log.
- Fixed the click that happened playing in Mono legato over a previously released note.
- Fixed ADSR repeat 2 and 3 that weren't working.
- Fixed incorrect behaviour of the box slider GUI controls.

Sinnah 1.0 Main changes:

- Fixed the hanging notes issue that was happening in many hosts
- Fixed the GUI could crash under intensive parameters automations
- Fixed oscillators phase reset on wave change
- Fixed short delay length when |memory| switch is turned on
- Fixed issue that was preventing the AU from notifying the host of all the parameters to be modulated.
- New feature: Harmonics control can now have full range, something like a LP filter.
- New feature: inputs to the delay matrix have now two levels each: half and full gain.

1) What is it? - 2) Planned features - 3) Known issues (Download link at the page bottom)

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The Synth

"Sinnah the sinner, is its sin to be free, or is its sin to sound so lush?"

Sinnah is a synth based on a single complex oscillator that includes five waveshapes with increasing spectral complexity, harmonics level for all waveshapes, noise level, and a delay matrix.

The delay matrix can have various configurations, from a "triple chorus" per voice to highly randomized resonators, or tuned relatively to the note played.
The delay matrix can also do multiple slapback echoes.
The feedback control of the matrix can go from zero to extremely saturated and it's modulated by its own envelope.
The output of each voice is stereo via the delay matrix, which features a stereo spread knob.
The main analogue modelled ADSR envelope is loopable: two, three or continuous repeats.

The envelope can modulate the waveshape selection and the harmonics level.

The synth also features a subtractive stereo filter to carve the spectrum of the sound, somehow like an equalizer, with three filters: high pass, low pass and band reject (notch) .
The band reject filter also features gain and bandwidth controls.

Moreover a useful simple reverb is included.

The oscillator is antialiased and can play eight voices or mono, and features octave and fine pitch controls.

The GUI is fully drawn by vectors and resizeable, featuring an oscilloscope and peak meters. And eight colour schemes are available to fit your mood and taste.
An extended ToolTip display provides information for each control at mouseover.
So you don't need to read a lengthy manual to learn what a knob or a slider is for.

The preset system is crossplatform, the files use the YAML format so they are very easy to read and edit if needed. Moreover, the preset names can support the complete international character set.

Sinnah is a VA synth plugin, but instead of the standard subtractive resonant filter it uses a resonant delay network.

Hard to describe its sound by words, despite the few controls the array of possible sounds is wide and wild

Planned features (updated to 1.1)

For this freeware edition the pitchbend range is fixed at two octaves, see below the current list of the planned features.

I will try to upgrade Sinnah following the requests submitted by users. So it means that we start with a features list and you can vote for your favourites, and even suggest features not listed yet.

The features with a rate of five or above will be implemented in the Sinnha freeware, when we'll reach what I think it can be a critical threshold, Sinnah will split in Sinnah freeware and Sinnha Pro.

Sinnah freeware will keep the features up to the "critical threshold" and will stay free.
All next new features would be implemented in Sinnah Pro which will be payware.

To vote for a features you can simply write on our forum or send an e-mail to

This is the first NUSofting plugin to use our brand new framework for development, thus we'll be very happy to read any report and suggestion of improvement.

Possible features planned so far for Sinnah Pro or Sinnah freeware: = votes so far

# : dedicated LFO for Wave selection modulation
# : phase controls in oscillator = 1
# : noise filter adjustable and with its own envelope = 1
# : adjustable pitchbend range = done!
# : glide with type and time controls = 1
# : drawable waveshape and short samples import = 1 & 1
# : resonant HP/LP filter pre or post delay matrix = 1
# : more control of formants # : attack transients layer, for percussive sounds = 1
# : pitch envelope = 5 [next update]
# : extended range of harmonics control = done!

delay matrix:
# : LFOs whaveshapes and sync to tempo selectable
# : lag times in tempo divisions
# : delay lines input gain = done!
# : sustain control in feedback envelope
# : choice of various whaveshapers in feedback path
# : lower bit 4, 8, 12 resolutions
# : macro controls

# : assignable LFO with Delay and/or Attack = done!
# : arpeggiator = 1
# : trancegate = 1
# : phaser
# : bit crusher
# : MIDI learn for any control and MIDI map presets = 2
# : adjustable refresh rate for oscilloscope and peak meters
# : switch to turn tooltips off
# : A <> B presets morphing = 1
# : bigger popup to display controls value
# : light background colours option = done!
# : change logo = 2
# : Sustain Pedal = = done!
# : MW = = done!
# : Linux build = 1 // rghvdberg got it so far to run under wine insalling gdiplus.dll
# : switch to set the EQ to "bell mode", bandpass = 2

You are invited to rate the features above or to suggest others not listed here.
You will be heard.
Write to or in NUSofting forum at

Known issues

Sinnah 1.1 had already most bugs fixed, there are still some small known issues that will be fixed in the next updates, they are:

# : Saving presets in Windows 10 needs that you have write permissions for the Sinnah folder.
# : The lowest SampleRate is currently limited at 44100, so you may receive a warning message from your host during scanning.
# : The GUI of Sinnah in Ableton Live running on Mac OS X may sometimes not display correctly the first time you load an instance, to fix that you only need to close and reopen it.

Sinnah was tested so far on OS X 10.11.3, Windows XP to 10,
32-bit and 64-bit.
Please report any other issue you may find.

Download update 1.1 Sinnah plugin
The zip includes installers for Windows and Mac OS X, 32-bit&64-bit - AU & VST

[new untracked Download Link]

You may - for Sinnah development.
Even a little helps.

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