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NUSofting is based in Reggio Emilia, located in the Enza Valley of Italy.


NUSofting is dedicated to progressive audio software research. Our product
range features software that captures, emulates and expands upon traditional
musical instruments, as well as completely future-centric audio
applications, creating a rich and varied sound palette which appeals to many
different musicians, sound designers, and producers all over the world.

All NUSofting and DASH Signature products are designed and developed by Luigi (web nick: Liqih)
with the help of various collaborators.

(Special thanks go to Aldo Trianti for developing the DK+ over his original code of the DK1; the optimized sample player used in TDP;
the Mothership Astrobelt Synth; and other code modules used in the EVE 2 effects and Modelonia.)
You may contact Luigi directly at
Luigi has been developing audio software since 2001, starting with Dash Synthesis which became DASH Signature.
Nusofting was lauched in 2003.


Our Domains: (Liqih compositions)

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more to come...