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dk+ drum sampler with step sequencer    vst

What's new in DK+ 2.0:

1) Whole GUI in one window
2) Style and Kit browser
3) New cool features in Voice Editor
4) Updated Reverb

Download the Demo and discover the others yourself!

What's new in DK+ 1.5:

1) Funk Equipment Kit1a LE (15 pads, 10 layers each), a reduced version of the big FE Set One, has been included with 21 styles in the DK+ Library.

2) Kit and Style names are now saved with the host song or project. Also, they will be marked with a "*" if edited before saving.

3) Drag&Drop export of internal patterns as MIDI file.

4) Added a global preference to use the FX Send control as a send gain on the Aux 3 output as an alternative to the Reverb send per pad.

5) The velocity controlled filter of each pad can now be selected as LP or HP, greatly extending sonic possibilities.

6) More controls for improved usability: Reverb toggle on panel, button for quicker banks browsing, Kit submenus.

7) Small fixes and further optimizations.

NUSofting DK+ is a powerful drum machine for VST.

DK+ offers 24 fully programmable drum pads, 6 output busses (3 stereo + 3 mono), an audio compressor/limiter for each stereo bus, a powerful step sequencer and many more features.
(features list here)

It ships with a library of 40 drum kits with the sound of the most widely used vintage drum machines, studio-quality acoustic kits and much more.

It also offers a wide library of drum styles ranging from Latin rhythms to classic rock and modern styles.

The DK+ Library is a great tool for the creation of songs and compositions, amusement and to discover new exciting rhythms.

The DK+ Library is a collection of drum kits and a rhythmic patterns.

The collection is organized in 3 sections:

Factory Library: with a pattern collection arranged per musical style.
The Factory Library in version 1.0 features 26 drum kits and 20 styles, for a whole of about 4000 different patterns.  More will be added at each DK+ update.

Custom Library: with an internal pattern set per kit
The Custom Library in version 1.0 features 9 drum kits with internal style.
The drum kits in the Custom Library section do not use the Syle list, but they include
a variable number of custom patterns inside the kit itself. E.G. the Tabla kit features two Bangrha style patterns.

User Library: the section the user may fill with his creations.

NOTE each section is user editable.


Pads, sample player engine:

24 Pads, each with:

Cross-velocity support, 10 layers per pad.
Random picking for layer with same cross-velocity value, this allows to mix Cross-velocity with random choice.

Weighted randomization possible for all 10 layers as alternative option.

Gentle low pass filter sensible to MIDI velocity for natural dynamics.

Note on/off support, off switchable.
Decay, Level and Pitch control.
Panning 100% mono compatible.

FX Send for the on-board reverb.

Automatically learns note as trigger.
Single note triggering or note range selectable with pitch to note.
Mute Group (Choke).

Output selectable among the 6 available (3 stereo + 3 mono).

Mixer and outputs:
Three separate stereo outputs + 3 mono Aux outputs.
Three Level control for the 3 stereo outputs.
Three analog-sounding compressors on-board.
Each compressor features:
Theresold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Gain.
Built-in audio meters for output and compressors separately.
Reverb effect : Small Room and Large Room presets.

10 Tracks step sequencer synced to VST host.
Solo and Mute per track.
All tracks visible at once in one window.
Voice editor can be accessed for each track as pop up window.

24 patterns memory, to save in its own format and with MIDI file export.

Pattern lenght up to 128 steps arranged in 8 pages.

"Follow" function while sequencer is running.

Step resolution selectable: 32, 16T, 8T, 16.

Pattern selection is MIDI controllable.

Features per step:
On/Off, Velocity, Flam* and Double* stroke.

*a flam is a double stroke where the first hit happens a little earlier than the second one which is on tempo.

**a double trigger is a double stroke where the length of the step is evenly divided in two equal duration, so for example a 1/16 step will trigger two notes of 1/32 each. The two trigger have the same sound level (velocity). This it useful to create rolls quickly.

Superior sound quality, thanks to the 64 bit internal engine.
DK+ can import wave files with 8, 16, 20, 24 and 32 bit integer resolution, and 32 or 64 bit floating point resolution, mono or stereo.
DK+ will also resample automatically the sounds if they are stored at a higher or lower sample rate than the sample rate used in the host application. To improve the resampling quality you can activate the option "Use quality resampling" in the preferences dialog.

All the samples loaded are normalized automatically.
Polyphony selectable from 8 to 128 voices.
Can export and import drum banks in its own format or as FXB.
Can import LM-4 drum banks (with some limitations).
Pitch-bend support.
Velocity sensivity, compression or expansion adjustable.
Sample precise synchronization.
Low CPU usage even with old processors.
MIDI reset.
Knob mode: linear, circular selectable.
Almost every parameter can be controlled via MIDI.

The license allows you to receive
software updates for free and to
obtain free support for the
DK+ VSTi. trial

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DK+ users page:
Many free kits to download!

New DK+ Guide
by DarkStar, 44 pages!
download Windows Help version

download PDF version

browse it on-line
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