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Bdm - circuit bent drum synthesizer    vst AU VST 

To the fact that the broken sound is desirable. Yes! Knobs turn for
satisfaction defective! or yours:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it - BREAK IT...

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Circuit Bent Drum Machine Emulation

dk+ - drum sample player   VST

DK+ is a powerful drum machine for VST.

DK+ offers 24 fully programmable drum pads, 6 output busses (3 stereo + 3 mono), an audio compressor/limiter for each stereo bus, a powerful step sequencer and many more features.
(features list here)

It ships with a library of 40 drum kits with the sound of the most widely used vintage drum machines, studio-quality acoustic kits and much more.

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Drum Sampler and Step Sequencer | DK+

Funk Equipment Set One    VST

FUNK EQUIPMENT is a drum sample library of the highest standard, it was especially designed for urban music with grittiness and street cool.
From HipHop to Drum&Bass, from Bebop to Funk, anything is possible.

With FUNK EQUIPMENT you can program drum solos that sound more like
they are coming straight out of a smoky basement jazz club than your computer.

FUNK EQUIPMENT is all you need to create the illest grooves ever!

kits 1 & 8 with 4 kicks, 4 snares, 2 rimshots, 3 snareroll, 11 HiHats, 3 toms, 3 rides, 1 crash

multi layers for 180 MB

Samples and Patterns for the DK+ Virtual Drum

All Samples are Stereo 24 bit 44100 Hz SampleRate

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Funk Acoustic Drum Samples

Ethno SEt 1234 - Ethnic Percussion Samples    VST

This first Expansion Pack for the DK+ Virtual Drums is mainly dedicated to Doumbek and Djembe, two similar hand drums from the North Africa culture.
"Ethno Set 1234" includes also some conga, timbale and tambourine samples, edited and programmed to get the sound closer to the one from some native African percussions.

Even though you may see the similarities between Doumbek (also called Darbouka or Darabukka) and Djembe in shape and origin, the sounds of them and even more the style of music of their respective contexts is quite different:
Djembe is vastly used in black Senegal culture, while the Doumbek is one of the main percussion in all Arab world of music, Turkish too.

This Expansion Pack includes 4 kits and 114 patterns for the DK+ library.

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ethnic percussion samples