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groove analogizer    VST


Groove Analogizer is an "audio controlled drum synthesizer", it means that like a vintage electronic drum tone generator (e.g. Simmons) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message. This also means that you must not load, in the host, Groove Analogizer as a VST instrument, it loads as a VST effect, usually in an insert slot.

But it's really a synth: the sound of three oscillators is triggered and shaped by the audio input in many ways.

How triggering works in Groove Analogizer:

A trigger can be any kind of percussive* sound, both mono or stereo, it can be a wav file or another VST instrument.
(*Percussive means: with fast attack time and fast or moderate decay/release time)

For each of the three generators you can choose left, right or left+right input, input can be both mono or stereo, then a band pass filter allows you to select (coarse and fine) which frequency range of the audio source will be used for triggering, this way you can separate hi, mid and low tones in the audio input, allowing you to isolate different trigger patterns from the same complex audio source (e.g. you can input a full drums loop and select snare for trigger 1, bass drum for trigger 2 and hihat for trigger 3).
Groove Analogizer also features Pre-Listening (PL button), so that you can monitor which part of the source is selected as trigger.

Another control at the input named Sensitivity allows to fine select the loudest triggers filtered by the band pass. So that you may include ghost notes or avoid them.
128 of the coolest presets ready to play

Sound Controls For each generator:

Release time: amplitude and pitch envelope time
Bending: positive or negative pitch envelope amount
Offset : pitch base
Timbre: from pure tone to noise, with FM option. New: overtone mode

output Controls For each generator:

Effect: send to internal stereo delay
Pan: stereo image
Volume: output level

master Controls:

FM: global amount
Smooth: slope time for all envelopes
Delay effect controls
Dry: output of the trigger (source audio)
Master : output level of all three generators

Now Freeware!

But you can still donate if you wish to support NUSofting
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full size screenshot

1. example 1 237 KB
During the first two bars you hear
only the trigger, two typical MIDI percussion sounds, in the third and forth bars you hear two presets of Groove Analogizer and a very little
of the trigger sounds mixed in.

2. example 2 494 KB
During the first three bars you hear only the trigger, a drums loop, from the fourth bar you hear Groove Analogizer, with the "OFFSET"
control of OSC2 automated for
some pitch sweeps.

3. example 3 549 KB
Same trigger as example 2, but
now a different setting for the
plugin. Moreover "Delay Time" and "Smooth" are automated for a morphing effects.

4. example 4 659 KB
You may wonder what happens if
we use a not very percussive bass
line as trigger, well here is a crazy demo, first you hear the bass solo, then bass+triggered drums, then
the output of Groove Analogizer solo. Even if the trigger is all bass frequency, Band and Sensitivity controls allows some results.

5. example 5 343 KB
Here a fast drums loop spiced in
two versions by my plugin.

6. example 6 658 KB
Here two bars of the trigger and appended two bars per each of the
six presets made for this drums
loop in Groove Analogizer. Same Trigger for Six different

7. example 7 539 KB
Four bars of the input loop+4 bars effected.

8. example 8 440 KB
Demo by pHz.

8. crossfading 1 275 KB
Crossfading between input and
Groove Analogizer.

9. crossfading 2 275 KB
Crossfading between input and
Groove Analogizer.

10. Shepard 1.164 KB
One RMIV feeding one Groove Analogizer being automated in real time and compressed with Final Mix,
by pw.

11. Subsumi 1.500 KB
Demo by pw.

12. Trigger Revelation 1.400 KB
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