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HarpTime is brilliant!

Now there's no need to use something that "sounds like a harp" - HarpTime IS a harp, or rather a bunch of great sounding harps. From Celtic to Orchestral to Asian and beyond. There are enough harps in this instrument to gently serenade you into heaven!
Harpo Marx would have loved this VSTi.

The HarpTime VST synthesizer was designed to reproduce the sound of the plucked folk harp, and uses an advanced physical modeling synthesis in which twelve strings are all individually modeled to allow true sympathetic resonances. The harp has a beautiful sound which is usable in very many musical styles (mediaeval period music, classical, folk, ambient, film music and ballads, for example). However, samples can only reproduce a limited, and somewhat 'static' snapshot of a particular real instrument being played. In comparison, physical modeling allowed us to build a VSTi which reproduces the characteristic of a variety of real harps, with more flexibility, control, and dynamics than a sample set will normally provide. HarpTime can reproduce the beautiful of the Celtic harp, as well as that of many similar types, such as Japanese (koto), Paraguayan and African harps.

Do you have more questions about NUSofting HarpTime? We have compiled a HarpTime FAQ to answer your questions.

Performance Features
A unique "SelfBend" feature is implemented to emulate the pitch envelope typical of loose strings. In addition, there is an adjustable smoothed Pitch Modulation, controlled by an LFO. The playing style (from soft to hard plucking) can be affected by a "Pick" control which allows variation in the touch of the player. Velocity Sensitivity is adjustable.

A double "Low Pass/Band Pass" filter, which allows a great deal of control over the timbre of the sound. This means, for example, that electric harp timbres are possible. The internal stereo Chorus adds more depth and timbral variation to the sound.

String Controls
The following controls are implemented as a single set in the Fun version, or one separate set per string in the Pro version of HarpTime.

Exciter (per string) Controls the maximum energy sent to the string
Tuning (per string) Retunes the string range -100 to +100 cents of semitone
PikPosi (per string) Controls the effective pluck position on the string, changing the harmonics of the sound
PikBrig (per string) NoiseFilter Frequency Control affects brightness of picking.

In the Pro version the controls for the "C" string act as the 'master' setting which can be applied to all the strings. For each string there is also a "Link" switch, which slaves that string settings to the master settings.
Each string may be individually slaved or independent.

The maximum polyphony is 12 simultaneous voices.

The license allows you to receive
software updates for free and to
obtain free support for the
HarpTime VSTi. trial

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user comments

Congratulations on a superbly *musical* instrument, it is an
absolute joy to play
(though does not sound like a
virus or scream like a bhaastard)
(perhaps I have been reading KvR
too much!). Peter Ryan

My initial reaction to HarpTime was: why would I need a Harp VSTi??
After playing a bit with the
instrument, most of my new compositions now include HarpTime!! serge/DSPmax

"Hi Luigi: I installed HarpTime today, and am thrilled with the sound and performance of your software.
Your HarpTime sounds wonderful - I will use it immediately!!"

Ted Perlman: US Producer, Arranger, Composer, Guitarist. Among his clients: Bob Dylan, Chicago, Burt Bacharach , Whitney Huston, Ronald Isley, Elton John.

1. 18 seconds of strumming
HarpTime with no effect 424 KB

2. Fast Glissando in East style 330 KB

3. Short song featuring HarpTime in
a mix with drums and effects 1.0 MB

4. Beautiful african harp Kora
performed with one HarpTime,
no effect used 948 KB

Many More MP3s! at the
Users Song Page
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