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Modelonia 2.0 AU VST

Broken Drum Machine

what's new

24th December 2020

"20/21 Winter Deal" Shop now
Any x64 product for only US $ 25.00, through the end of February 2021.

[Legacy 32-bit plugins for only US $ 5.00.]

The amazing CRUMAR Performer VA synth is out [crumar.it page]

NUSofting collaborated to design and produce the DSP engine for this advanced emulation.

Strings Dream 2.0 VST2 x64 for Windows released as free/donationware

14th April 2020

Exclusively by NUSofting forum on KVR.
Go to message with downloads and info.

[100% free download].

One of the SDS skins

[today 02 September 2019 I updated the public beta of Strings Dream 2.0 installer,
therefore if you downloaded it before please dowload again and reinstall]

July 2019 + August

After more than one year working with IMOXPLUS, to design and build the mighty Respiro wind synth, I am now releasing the public beta of Strings Dream 2.0, a compete upgrade of this evergreen synth. Read more...

December 2016

Peti SA released!

Check the new features here.

Upgrade available.


EMM Knagalis free patch to fix two loop points

Download the patch that fixes the loop points for
at our forum



EMM Knagalis 2.0 Released

What's new in EMM Knagalis 2.0

- larger GUI
- new 3D graphics
- improved functional layout
- new release curve
- better velocity response
- new sync mode for Drone layer, now works better for bagpipes
- various small bugs fixed, like display and menu updates
- three new instruments added to the library
- redesigned presets
- possibility to choose the path to the samples data, on Windows
- higher compatibility with latest OSs, Mac and Windows
- fixed bugs with Garageband and Logic 

Upgrade avaialbe at only US$ 9.00


Modelonia 2.0.14, update for all platforms, released.

New in 2.0.14:
- Fixed pop noise issue that could happen on first note played after the synth being idle. (fixed again, since not completely fixed in 2.0.12)
- Fixed a small label in "Large Skin" bitmaps
- Fixed bug preventing, in rare circumstances, to load presets and skins files.
- Alternative Windows VST builds with 3 mono outputs added. For users of DAWs that don't recognized the single stereo pin of the standard Modelonia (E.G. Acid Pro and maybe others).

Also updated the audio examples page


NUSofting released the Modelonia 2.0.12 update for all platforms.

New in 2.012 :
- added crtl-click for MIDI learn page
- added double click for parameter reset
- fixed pop noise issue that could happen on first note played after idle
- added many new presets, currently 402 presets

Plus reduced price for May: 48.00 US$ insdead of 69.00 US$, until May 31st



Sinnah 1.0 freeware, update now! Many bug fixes and new features, for all platforms.



NUSofting releases a new freeware synth! Sinnah, for all platforms.



NUSofting releases the Modelonia 2.0.10 update for all platforms.

New in 2.0.10
- Reduced latency of note onset
- More sensitive response to MIDI velocity, new curve
- Fixed compatibility with hosts that send all notes off at startup (especially NI Kore)
- Many factory presets improved and a few new ones added
- Fixed small flaws in the "Large Skin" graphics
- New improved installers for Mac and Windows
- New shorter license agreement
- Free trial updated too, download now

We suggest the users to first finish their current projects using the currently installed Modelonia and then update, since the now extended MIDI velocity sensivity would change the level of the MIDI parts recorded for the previous version.




Modelonia 2.0 relased

NEW 2.0 ! Discover what's new by reading the manual (right click if you want download it)

Modelonia page

Ugrade for existing users is only 20 USD, please ask your coupon code to upgrade{aT}nusofting.com



NUSofting released 1.41.1 update of EMM Knagalis
(Ethnic Melodic Module : from sitars to bagpipes )

New in this update:

- full 64-bit support for both AU and VST, Mac OS X and Windows, from XP to Windows 10,
- fixed MIDI learn settings not restored in some cases
- full samples set set of all 29 instruments produced so far, with drone and symphatetic resonance.
- new bank of 107 presets - single license for both Mac and Windows, up to 3 computers per user

Download free trial



New release : Modelonia 2.0 Beta (version 1.992), 14/10/2015,
it's a public beta (fully functional, 359 updated presets included, many bugs fixes
and new large skin for bigger screens),Modelonia new GUI
free to download and use for any PC or Mac user. AU and VST, 32-bit and 64-bit are included.

Modelonia 2.0 is a major upate, with many new features, new sounds and a complete, full�blown new manual of 50 pages!
You should really read that to get the best out of Modelonia 2.0.

Before using the plugin please read the "Must_Read_This_Before_Using_The_Synth.rtf" file incuded in the zip. Download here.



Celebrating 11 years of a plugin on sale!

Was back in 2004, I designed and produced Peti Harmonium/Accordion VST, few years later ported to Mac. I didn't change anything in this virtual instrument for 11 years and many users through the years appreciated the warm and realistic sound of Peti (peTi means "small box" in Hindi language and it's one of the common name of the portable harmonium used in ragas, in India and Pakistan, it's a member of the family of Reed Organs).

NUSofting Peti uses an hybrid FM/PM synthesis to emulate the sound of the bronze or brass reeds brought into vibration by hand moved bellows, just like in the accordion. The sound engine is flexible enough to simulate harmoniums of various size, accordions and even the melodica often heard in reggae dub music. Many musicians praised the authenticity and the easy of use of this small synth.

The last one was a great Jazz and Word music performer and composer, just few months ago he wrote me: "For years, I've been intrigued by the sound of the harmonium and how it's used in Indian devotional music & chanting. I've found Peti to be the most authentic and sonically rich software version of real harmonium I've ever experienced. You can even hear the the bellows moving in & out!"

He's Premik Tubbs, see http://www.premik.com/bio/

"Premik Russell Tubbs auspicious recording career begins in the ealy seventies with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and their highly acclaimed work Visions of the Emerald Beyond."

But he's just the most famous Peti user, and I send my hearthfelt thanks to all musicians who found Peti ejoyable and useful in their productions.

Now it's really time for the 64-bit update and Peti is ready to keep up with the time.

You may ask: So where's the party? First of all Peti 64-bit is a free upgrade for all existing users, and for one month I'll keep the old price at 48 US$, instead of the 65 US$ as it will be. Peti 2.1 is available as AU and VST, for Mac and PC, 32-bit and 64-bit, natively coded in C++.

Already a Peti user? The update is free please ask to peti_update@nusofting.com