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EMM Knagalis - Ethnic Instrument Sample Player : from sitars to bagpipes 

VST/AU : 32-bit and 64-bit : NEW RELEASE 2.0
macOS Sierra and Windows 10 Ready

What's new in EMM Knagalis 2.0

- larger GUI
- new 3D graphics
- improved functional layout
- new release curve
- better velocity response
- new sync mode for Drone layer, now works better for bagpipes
- various small bugs fixed, like display and menu updates
- three new instruments added to the library
- redesigned presets
- possibility to choose the path to the samples data, on Windows
- higher compatibility with latest OSs, Mac and Windows
- fixed bugs with Garageband and Logic 

EMM Knagalis will transport you closer to the real world of ethnic instruments

Standard ROM players often give you a few substandard "ethnic" samples as an afterthought.
EMM Knagalis goes much further, taking you to the four corners of the globe.
The smart architecture and the unlimited ethnic scale modes of this VST synthesizer will open you the door to the amazing sound of ethnic instruments.

EMM Knagalis is a specialized and multi featured VSTi sample player, modeled around the structural elements of Sitar, the famous Indian lute . But its sound set also includes many other ethnic stringed instruments, as well as percussive and melodic instruments from the world stage. Instruments like Turkish Lute, Mbira (thumb piano), Santur, Shamishen and many cool bagpipes.

There are many bagpipes in EMM Knagalis, a wind instrument, an instrument for which EMM Knagalis is ideal, with its legato playing style and drone accompaniment. EMM Knagalis brings these instruments to life.

The EMM Knagalis structure includes three sample layers: Lead sound (monophonic), Sympathetic emulation sound (polyphonic) and Drone sound (monophonic)
We have taken advantage of the advanced Drone and Sympathetic layers in EMM to provide many acoustic functions including extra noise attack. Such characteristic details essence these strange beautiful instruments. With systemethnic flavored hybrid instruments are possible too. Knagalis library is always growing new samples from original Upgrades will be available at But doesn't stop sounds.

Its "Root and Scale" feature allows the easiest implementation of ethnic scales and micro tuning ever seen in a VSTi, You choose the key you are going to play, choose a typical intonation (such as raga, African, bagpipe and more), and you are ready for a new exotic sonic adventure.

Sampled instruments in Knagalis listed below, (the Sympathetic Resonance sample layer is used for instruments that need that, like Sitar and Oud, Mbira too, obviously not for bagpipes)

  • SitarGold with Tampura Drone + Sympathetic Resonance
  • SitarRaga with Tampura Drone Sympathetic Resonance
  • PickLute1 (Oud) with Low String Resonance
  • PickLute2 (Oud) with Wood board and High String Resonance
  • PickLute3 (Oud) with Percussion groove loop
  • Mbira1 (Zimbawe thumb piano) with Whole Mbira resonance + Sympathetic Resonance
  • Mbira2 (Zimbawe thumb piano) with Mbira Buzzers + Sympathetic Resonance
  • Bagpipe1 (Scottish type) with Drone
  • Gajda (Balkanian bagpipe) with Drone Scottish (Highland type) with Drone
  • Shenai (small range reed woodwind) with Tampura Drone
  • Sine (synthetic tone) with Drone Sine (synthetic tone)
  • Steelping (Steeldrum) with Metallic noise layer and Resonance
  • Chinese (Bright Bell) with Metallic noise layer and Resonance
  • Hybrid1 (Tuned percussion) with Drone Bagpipe and Sitar Resonance
  • Hybrid2 (Oud) with Mbira and Sitar Resonances
  • Hybrid3 (Bright Sitar) with Oud Drone and bright Resonance
  • Salterium (Indian Santur) with Metallic noise and Resonance layers
  • Northern (another kind of bagpipe) with Drone
  • Tinwhistle (high quality flute samples)
  • Medieval (ancient bagpipe) with Drone
  • HurdyGurdy (clean HurdyGurdy) with Drone
  • HurdyTrumpet (HurdyGurdy buzzy) with Drone
  • Highland (high quality bagpipe samples) with Drone
  • Wooden (rich ethnic flute sound)
  • Aulos (rare ancient reed woodwind)
  • Gaita (Spanish bagpipe) with Drone
  • Voice (semi synth)
  • Shinoboe (short scale ethnic oboe)
  • Windoboe (same as above but similar to a flute)

The license allows you to receive
software updates for free and to
obtain free support for the
EMM Knagalis VSTi.


both AU and VST updated to 64-bit,
for Mac and Windows trial


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