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microrock    VST AU VST Now Mac UB too!

What is Microrock ?

Microrock is a "physically modelled" synthesizer with filters, distortion, overdrive, wah, chorus, vibrato and delay effect.             

Microrock is a monophonic synthesizer that is ideally suited for bass, lead and powerchord lines. It is designed to deliver an aggressive and expressive sound for solos and riffs, similar to those you might get with an electric bass or an electric guitar through some pedal effects.             

But at any rate, Microrock is and remains an electronic synthesizer and the emulation of a real string instrument vastly depends on how you will program and play it.              

Microrock is an electronic synth for leads and riffs inspired by the grungy and pychedelic mix of early effected electric guitar and synths, like the ones from the first Pink Floyd album.               

Microrock voices can also resemble human vocals or brass instruments sounds, thanks to the internal filters and its modulation abilities.             

Monophonic synthesizer for basses, leads and powerchords, with Mode selector
Legato performance for authentic lead and bassline phrasing Pitchbend
Two physically modelled oscillators with the following parameters:

Exciter - amount of energy to string
Pick Tone - brightness of string sound
Modulation - amount of noise modulation to pitch
Fixing - picking position on the string emulation
Sub Osc - bass tone enhancer
DynaTone - multiple filter parameters combined in one convenient  control plus the Tonerama color mix
Overdrive and distortion effect with feedback
ADSR envelope control of amplitude and DynaTone filters with variable curvature
Wah effect with frequency and decay controls
Stereo Chorus
Vibrato Rate and Depth
Delay effect with MIDI clock sync Display, HP-LP filter and modulation
Velocity Sensivity
Fine Tuning

The license allows you to receive
software updates for free and to
obtain free support for the
Microrock VSTi. trial


full size screenshot

1. song: Wall Of Perception
by Van Lichten

2. short Demo: Microjingle
by Van Lichten

Dash Signature EVE for the
pad chords

4. song: Wah Dub

5. short Demo: Microrock Rap

6. song : Just 'Round The Bend
by pough
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