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The Synth

Noisetar is a synthesizer dedicated to the generation of many different noise based sounds.

The generation is purely mathematical, no samples or wavetables are used, thus allowing for an easy continuous morphing from one sound to the other. Twelve parameters control the generator, moreover its output can be further shaped and enriched inside Noisetar with its two filters, a chorusing reverb and a stereo enhancer. As modulators Noisetar offers an ADSR envelope and keytracking, with seven destinations.
Using the included bandpass filter, which is tuned to the incoming MIDI notes, is also possible to play Noisetar melodically.

Noisetar is designed with DAW parameter automation in mind to tailor complex custom modulations tied to each project rather then dealing with complicated patches.

Noisetar has its own sound space, ranging from various digital noises to crackle, rattles and crepitations similar to wood fire or rain, scratchy percussions and foot stomps, with many others from the lowest booming and gurgling drones, to thin misty hisses. The quality and types of Noisetar sounds obviously doesn't cover all possible noise sounds, but most certainly will increase your noise arsenal without taking up more than 2Mb on your drive.

Any musical genre can make use of a versatile noise synth. Enjoy exploring its unique sound space!

Credits and Acknowledgments.

Project and DSP code by Luigi Felici.
GUI code by Luigi Felici and Bernie Maier, with Branislav contributions.
OS X port and framework code by Bernie Maier.
Thanks very much to Taron for betatesting, suggestions and presets.
This plugin is dedicated to Luigi Russolo.

Fast to learn

Start reviewing the presets to learn the various parameters of Noisetar, and check the tooltips while you hover the controls with the mouse.

Volume of noises is usually uneven, so you better keep a limiter or a compressor on
the output.

Please read the Features below for more info.



Noisetar is a ten voices synth. Keytracking allows for each note to vary noise characteristics, if so desired. This way you can create very rich textures. Leave enough distance for the keytracking based changes, such as fifths or larger, and you will allow for even more complex noise layers for your performances.


Noisetar features two noise oscillators and a comb filter, which can oscillate at high resonance, "reso" parameter. The two oscillator modulate each other in ring modulation fashion, amplitude modulation, "AM" parameter. Usually you keep both oscillators turned on, but a switch for each one is provided in case you want only one of the two oscillators to feed the comb filter. Each of the three modules feature a double filter, LP and HP, and a balance parameter to fade from one filter to the other. The tuning of the comb filter is modulated by osc2, "FM" parameter.
As a bonus there is a bandpass filter with adjustable bandwidth. This filter, activated using the BPMelody switch, is tuned to the pitch of the incoming MIDI notes, so you can play melody and chords, as the narrow bandpass selects the resonating frequencies.
Note that when you active BPMelody other two knobs assume different parameters, these
are "keytrk rate osc1" that becomes the width of the BP filter, and the
"LP-BP ADSR depth" that becomes "BP freq ADSR depth".


Each stream from the oscillators is mono, non stereo, but you can spread it in the stereo field using the the effects: the chorusing reverb can synthesize two voices: one for the left and one for the right channel. The stereo enhancer can split the stream in three voices: one in the middle of the panorama, plus one for the left and one for the right channel. The simple equalizer called "filters" features two 12dB/octave, low pass and high pass, filters to limit the range of the spectrum. That's very useful since most useful noises have a limited frequencies range.


The four stages ADSR envelope can be used to modulate up to four targets: the noise level, the sampling rate of osc 1, the amount of amplitude modulation and the balance between LP and HP filters again in osc 1. The targets can be all active at the same time and the noise level can be alternatively controlled with a gate envelope, which simply turns the streams on and off, with no attack or release times adjustable.

All parameters can be automated inside a DAW.

Noisetar AU VST

Known issues

-When you change presets holding one or more notes the volume can burst up.
So better you keep a limiter or a compressor on the Noisetar output.

Noisetar was tested so far on OS X 10.11, Windows XP to Windows 10.
Please report any other issue you may find.

Write to or in NUSofting forum at


Noisetar plugin is free, in the sense that its price is currently zero. All other restrictions of commercial and copyrighted software apply.

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